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Yogic Principles


non-toxic prescriptions

Ease habitual thinking, eating and behaving


Awaken your bodymind with movement

Color your understanding of your physiology with physical evidence, analytical truths and lab data 

Nourish with simple foods, herbal medicine and supplementation tailored personally 

Dr. Rosen is a state licensed, nationally certified diplomat, practitioner, and teacher of East Asian medicine.  She uses results driven techniques, based in East Asian Taoist Science to find a personalized medicine for you.



bodyevolve into your best self

Dr. Shellie L. Rosen, DOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

"I use clinical experiences, medical relationships, my quest for philosophy and humor, to artfully curate the museum of my life, which I commit to share with you." -shellie

Dr. Shellie L. Rosen, DOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM., RYT​​

Dr. Rosen has built a museum of artifacts including both Western and Eastern medical techniques, testing methods, philosophy, science, art, music and comedy that make her therapy style effective, enjoyable and life transforming.

Sound modern Techniques- No dogma from the East or West

• $350 Billion/year US prescription drug cost

• 70% of Healthcare $$ for preventable conditions

• Thousands die each year from prescription drugs

"Time is More Valuable Than Money
Being Stuck is Wasting Time
Don't Hemorrhage Vitality, Passion

and Purpose
Discover You.

I Cultivate an Environment for You to

You Do The Healing, You do The Awakening
I Work To Get You There!" -shellie

A practitioner of yoga for 25 years and a yoga instructor, Dr. Rosen has trained throughout the world.  Her love of Yogic Principles is a premier method of hers, in the movement of the bodymind, as a vehicle for personal transformation.

Curation for the Art of life

Heal Yourself

"You can heal yourself and your life, but if you aren't getting to it, or getting anywhere, escape your program and look for inspiration."

• Western lab data is essential

• Western medicine can be life-saving

• Tradition and Science is sound medicine

Traditional Medicine

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